Mercurysteam announces that Spacelords, their online multiplayer shooter, will arrive on November 10th and 19th to the new generation of consoles, increasing the game’s resolution to native 4K and 60fps.

Madrid, November 6th of 2020. Mercurysteam invests for the future. After annunciating Spacelords’ compatibility with the streaming platform, NVIDIA GFORCE NOW, the studio makes public that the game will also be available in the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X/S Store on the consoles’ release day.
On both platforms, Spacelords will be able to run on a native 4K resolution and a performance of 60 frames per second. And thanks to the compatibility systems, former players will be able to step up their game without losing any of their previous progression! 
Spacelords universe keeps expanding. Its last Update, The Great Clash, includes a ranking of the best guilds of the community alongside thrilling events such as “Aleph Overload“, in which some of Borken Planet’s missions will be overflowing with explosive energy.   

About Spacelords
Spacelords is as a Free to Play gaming experience for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Windows 10, including full cross-play among all platforms.
For more information, visit Spacelords’ website:

About MercurySteam
MercurySteam is the award-winning independent development studio behind the multi-million selling Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series and the critically acclaimed Metroid: Samus Returns. Their latest title is their first self-published game, Spacelords. Based in Madrid, Spain – MercurySteam’s mission is to create the best possible game experiences in partnership with players around the world.

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