Reef Entertainment is excited to reveal that a new update for the Steam® version of Terminator: Resistance, INFILTRATOR MODE, is available to play now for free. 
In a departure from the main game’s focus on the soldiers of the Resistance, INFILTRATOR MODE will see players taking on the role of the iconic SKYNET killing machine, the T-800, as they hunt down Tech-Com Field Commander Ramirez and eliminate anyone standing in their way. 
To do so, players will need to make their way across a new map populated with Resistance patrols, weapons caches, hideouts and other points of interest, gaining INTEL as they clear each one out. Discovering INTEL will lead to further locations worth investigating appearing on the map; gain enough, and the location of Commander Ramirez will be revealed. 
However, caution is advised, as should the Resistance forces overwhelm them and lead to the Terminator being destroyed, players will need to start the mission over again from the beginning. 
The update will also include new weaponry for the Infiltrator to wield, as well as a scoreboard for players to compare and contrast their techniques against their friends and others around the world. 
At this time, the free INFILTRATOR MODE update is only available for the Steam® version of the game. 


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