What is #PROJECT181

#Project181 is our way of giving back to the gaming community and other causes close to us. After selecting the cause(s), we run charity streams to raise money for that (those) charity(ies). During these campaigns, we will be giving away game keys to increase community engagement during these campaigns. All donations go directly to the charity, so there is no middle man. You know exactly where your money is going.

Current Campaign

• Wounded Warrior Project provides free, lifechanging services in mental health, career counseling, and long-term rehabilitative care.
• Thanks to supporters like you, warriors and their families never pay a penny for Wounded Warrior Project programs and services – because they paid their dues on the battlefield.
• WWP values every donation, big or small, because each contribution helps them make a life-changing difference in a warrior’s life.
• Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, WWP saw an increase in mental health services referrals and have adapted many of their programs to virtual settings to connect with warriors and their families.
• Every $150 raised can help provide one mental health therapy session for an injured veteran in need.
o If we raise $50,000 we can provide more than 325 mental health therapy sessions for injured veterans in need!
• Warriors and their families need your help (**NOTE: please use stats verbatim**)
– According to WWP’s Annual Warrior Survey, 83% report living with the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
– According to WWP’s Annual Warrior Survey, nearly a third (30%) of warriors reported having thoughts related to suicide in the past two weeks.
– According to WWP’s Annual Warrior Survey, nearly half of warriors (48%) who play electronic games indicated they do so because it helps them forget their problems.

How to Donate

To find out more about the campaign, click here.

To direct donate, click here.