Amidst all this talk of next-gen systems, some developers are going back to a simpler time.
Prepare for an increase in NES Steam games.
lowtek s founder Alastair Low was frustrated that releasing an NES homebrew on steam seemed incredibly difficult. So he reached out to his friend at “Killgarif Technologies” to modify an open-source emulator to autoboot a nes rom and make it easy to change a few basic settings.
“This part of game development shouldn’t be the hard part in 2020!”Ally 2020
“I want to help the community focus on making great new retro games” Ally 2020
Lowtek Games recently released Flea on steam using this method and wanted to share the tools that made this possible with the community.

Lowtek Games also did a similar thing with the SEGA Dreamcast, where they commissioned some edits to an open-source NES emulator for the Dreamcast and made it free and easy to do.
Free/Open source
Most mappers including 30
Controller remapping
Save files, if your game uses saves they will automatically load the last saved file.
There are still a few bugs in the system but it offers an easy if basic way to publish on steam. Hopefully, we can iron out any lingering bugs in the near future. 

Other Homebrew developers have shown an interest and are excited about the prospect of launching their games on steam.
Here is LOWTEK GAMES website


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