A love of physics, hypothetical ideas from scientists, and gaming all collide with the launch of Spaceslingers today (17th November 2020) on Steam.
Created by solo developer RefresherTowelSpaceslingers is a space-time bending interstellar ride requiring careful use of gravity and time dilation to navigate through interstellar hazards and land on a target planet, delivering your payload with the lowest possible time taken.
Featuring bizarre cosmic objects, both real and imagined, like black holes, white holes and wormholes, you control the direction and power of your ship’s launch and then let gravity do the rest. By skimming close to space-time warping objects, the time you experience slows down, allowing you to top the leader-boards by being the most daring and risking life and limb skimming event horizons, all in the name of delivering packages for your employer, Spamazon.
With over 50 deliveries and an in-built delivery editor allowing you to create custom levels, the potential for cosmic couriers is endless. Just try not to get spaghettified on the way!
Purchase the game for $7.20US (10% launch discount included) at the Spaceslingers Steampage. If you’d like to learn more about the game, or read about the development of it, visit the Spaceslingers site.
Key Features

  • PLAY: Challenge yourself with a multitude of unique and difficult deliveries to make!
  • AVOID: Many celestial hazards fill your path with death and destruction!
  • MASTER: Learn to warp spacetime by flying close to exotic objects, lowering your delivery times!
  • COMPETE: Perfect your route for each delivery to climb the leaderboard rankings and crown yourself the best interstellar deliverer!
  • BUILD: In-built delivery editor allows you to build your own deliveries for others to try!

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