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Community Guidelines

1. Please respect Streamers, Arcade Bouncers (Mod), and all other viewers watching the stream.

  • We have a ZERO-TOLERANCE for Jerks, do not come into the Arcade, and harass our community! Have some manners, or be kicked out.

2. No advertising.

  • Please do not advertise other streamers or yourself in my stream. As we get to know you, we might do it anyway.

3. For any particular reason, please stop when asked to do so.

  • We have pretty thick skin and can handle a lot from twitch chat. But there is a time and place for everything. There’s a time for joking, and there’s a time to be serious. So if someone (Streamer or Chat) asks you to stop doing something, because it makes them feel uncomfortable…you should probably STOP. Otherwise, don’t get mad if you get banned.

4. Don’t spam.

  • We don’t mind emotes spam for whatever HYPE Spam may be going on during the stream, but if you have a question for us, please don’t spam the chat by copying and pasting the same thing over and over again. Also, we don’t want people to get accidentally get global banned from hype spam. If you want our attention, @181gaming. The highlight will help us notice.

5. No bigotry/flaming/racism/sexism.

  • Any blacklisted words will get your message purged, and if you continue to repeat those words, CB-181 will time you out. After the first few warnings, please do not blame us or our mods for banning you. Any disrespect will not be tolerated in the stream. Please do not come into the stream and ruin it for others.


  • There will be times where we are learning a new game. A lot actually since we like to highlight new Indie games. It can get pretty annoying if there’s someone constantly telling you what to do. Tips and what-not are helpful, but please don’t constantly tell us what/when to do. We will ask for help when we need it…then you can drop your knowledge. 

7. Please ask a mod for permission before posting a link.

  • People who post links without permission will automatically get purged by CB-181.

8. English

  • We like to keep our chat English only, just because that’s the only language we fully understand.


If you fail to follow these rules, you will be purged, temporarily banned, or permanently banned. 

(Depends on Severity)

Sub / Vip Custom Alerts

When a viewer Subscribes or receives Vip status, they will be able to use a custom Alert to announce that they have entered the stream.

– Tier 1: Custom alert image with a custom message.

– Tier 2: Custom alert image, custom message, and a custom alert sound.

– Tier 3: Custom animated image, custom message, and a custom alert sound.

CB-181 will message Sub/VIP with instructions on submitting your custom message, image, and sound for approval. If you do not have a logo or image CB-181 will make one for you. The sound clip can be up to 5 sec long. Once finished, CB-181 will message you with your “!command” that only you can use.