November 8th-14th

Discord Book Club

Join us for the Discord Book Club! Every week we will listen and discuss a few chapters at a time in chat. Our first book will be the first book in the Gotrek and Felix series, Troll Slayer.

Trollslayer, a novel written by William King, is the first in a series of twelve books following the adventures of Gotrek and Felix, in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. The book is written in an episodic format, with each chapter featuring a different adventure with different supporting characters and different villains. It shows the background for many important things in Felix’s reminiscing in other stories, such as his first encounter with Chaos and his first great love, not to mention where he got his magical sword.

The material in Trollslayer was first released under that title in 1999 and a second edition was released in 2003. It was also included in a volume with the second and third in the series, titled Gotrek & Felix: The First Omnibus, released in 2006. A free e-book edition was made available on the Black Library website in October 2010. Trollslayer was also republished in 2013 as part of the Black Library Classics series.

Join us weekly as we listen and discuss. And if you miss a session, we got you. Each week we will list the chapters below so you can listen to them at your convenience, prior to the next session. 

Troll Slayer

Session 1 | November 13th

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Twitter Contest | November 9th - 16th

It is time for the Community to show their Virtual Photo skills. Starting Nov 9th, Veterans Day, we will kick-off a screenshot contest on Twitter. The contest will go for a full week in conjunction with Warrior Week Relay Stream for Charity. All week-long you will be able to post your screenshots in celebration of Veterans in the pinned tweet on our page. You can enter as many photos as you would like, but to be eligible you will also need to retweet the pinned tweet on your first entry. You do not need to like the tweet or follow our account, but if you do…coolio, and thank you. We select the top photos and then let the community vote on their favorite. We will be giving away Steam keys for the top 3 photos. So get out there and use that capture button.

Twitter Screen Shot Contest Nov 9th-16th
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